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“When people say Stephen is amazing, it’s an understatement. He will work with you on whatever look you’re going for and end up with a product incredibly better than what you imagined. He is one of the most creatively talented, patient, easy-to-get-along with photographers that I’ve ever worked with. His love for nature pours out through his shooting process and left me feeling inspired. He made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera, and can’t wait to shoot more pictures with him in the future!”

Lucie P. | Model

“Working with Stephen is a learning experience as well as a photoshoot! His creativity flourishes from his work, but is also able to be seen first hand. Stephen understands the equipment that he is using inside and out. He also is willing to experiment with new technologies and techniques. Stephen is very patient as well, this makes working with him very easy. His photography continues to beat my expectations since the first day I saw one of his pictures.”

Emma C. | Model

“Stephen was a really fantastic photographer to work with! He really valued making the experience collaborative but his own creativity was revealed with some of the unique and inspired takes he had on a classic subject. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone looking for not only a skilled and professional photographer, but anyone looking for a unique and quality angle.”

Alex B. | Pianist

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